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The Power of Sources in Architecture Research and Practice

Access to sources, knowledge, and information is going through fundamental changes as globalisation and digitalisation evolve. The same changes apply to the process of gaining new academic insights. As the amount of sources increases (as well as their diversity and general distribution), there are still fundamental differences in accessibility, depending on one’s geographic and economic position. What role do economic and social factors play in a researcher’s possibility to visit an archive, or simply to make due with a curated and digitalised selection of sources? In this conference, matters of usage, reception, archivisation, and hierarchical structure of sources are questioned. This also applies to architecture as a globalised and digitalised academic discipline and practice – an issue that architecture must address. The 8th Forum of Architectural Science will examine the power of sources in three thematic aspects: Agency and Politics, Media and Data, and Canon and Episteme.


- فهرست سخنرانی‌ها:

▫️Case Study Peter Zumthor: Private Archives and Speculative Sources|Sabrina Flörke

▫️Unpredictable Sources: Social Media and its Value as Protagonist and Method in Architecture Research (Contribution in German)|Cornelia Escher

▫️Ethnographies of Colonialism: Architecture Photography as a Source for Architecture History in Colonial Cameroon|Beate Löffler

▫️Digitised Ignorance. Building-related Information in Ethnographic Image Databases|Constanze Röhl, Peter I. Schneider

▫️Between Enrichment and Unavailability – A Socio-economic Interpretation of Private Ownership of Historically Relevant Sources (Contribution in German)


▫️Counter Archives| Project presentations and discussion

▫️Home Extensions in the UK: Using Planning Applications to Explore Housing Design Preferences| Chris Dähne, Andreas Noback, Roger Winkler

▫️Data Not Publicly Available Due to Privacy Reasons. Complex Sources in Science|Alice Haddad

▫️The Archaeology of an Architecture Exhibition: “Portrait of Flemish Biotopes” in deSingel’s Archives|Christos Papastergiou

▫️Narrative Arts as Sources of Creative Disruptions in Architecture and Urbanism|Beatriz Coeffé Boitano

▫️Instagram as a Source of Architecture Analysis: The Case of Robin Hood Gardens|Olivier Prisset

▫️“We had more than enough material without them...”. Studying Dynasties of Common Architects, Reconsidering Anonymous Works Through the Sources|Rouven Grom

▫️Exploration of a Company Archive: Between the Poles of Scientific Evaluation and Marketing (Contribution in German)|Maryia Rusak

▫️Fractured Archives of the Ordinary


▫️The Byggesager Archive at Det Danske Institut i Rom: How Losses in Translation Were Able to Retain Plurality| Matthew Jordan Miller

▫️Hacking “Global” History & Inequitable “World Canons”: Or, Architecture under Diasporic Pluriversal Prisms|Aisling O’Carroll

▫️Feminist Archaeo-geologies: Retrieving Alexandrine Sureda from Eugène Viollet-le-Duc’s Mont Blanc Archives|Gábor György Papp

▫️International Canon and its National Paraphrases. Common Architectural Design Language of Historicism and the National Styles in Central Europe (Contribution in German)|Serena Newmark

▫️A Plagiarist from New Jersey and the Removal of Prussia from the American Architectural Canon

▫️Roundtable and Resumé

- میزبان: شبکه‌ٔ مطالعات معماری (Netzwerk Architekturwissenschaft)

- زمان: ۹ تا ۱۱ مارس ۲۰۲۲| ۱۸ تا ۲۰ اسفند ۱۴۰۰

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دیدگاه‌های فمینیستی درباره‌ی فضاهای جنسیت‌زده در تاریخ هنر و معماری مدرن | برگزاری همایش: چرا زنان معمار بزرگی وجود نداشته‌اند؟
کنفرانس ما پیوندهای پیچیده‌ی بین جامعه، جنسیت و فضا را از دیدگاه کاملاً فمینیستی بررسی خواهد کرد. با این کار، تلاش می‌شود هم بر بهره‌وری زنان در تمامی ابعاد معماری و برنامه‌ریزی و هم بر گفتمان‌های تاریخی هنر در رابطه با درک جنسیتی و استفاده از فضا تأکید شود.
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آرنای لوتسیا، نشانی از ویکتور هوگو بر پاریس: وجوه فراموش‌شده‌ای از هوگو (۲) *
مهسا پور‌احمد
سخن از تاریخ و سیاست فقط در نوشته‌های هوگو به چشم نمی‌آید؛ او سخنوری بی‌باک نیز بود، اما نه با قصد بازی با کلمات. او...
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